Drainage pump with knife

Pump with knife CUT

5-digits code

The CUT pumps are designed for pumping untreated waste water from domestic, commercial or municipal sources. The high discharge pressure enables transfer of waste water over longer distances. The pump can cut fibre mixture in water easily, for example: glovers, rope, cloth. Being not wound and no obstruction.

It also can reduce energy consumption and keep downtime costs to a minimum, while maintaining peak performance throughout the system life.

Operating conditions:

5 m maximum immersion depth

Liquid temperature up to 35 C

Maximum ambient temperature 40 C


Component construction:

Pump body: Cast iron

Motor housing: AISI304SS

Impeller: cast iron 

Type input/output Power, kW Price
CUT 1100 220V/380V 2 1,1 19 21 000л/мин. 470 лв.