Programmable pump controler

Pump control protector 380V

5-digits code

Intelligent pump controler is an easy to use, programmable controlling and protecting device for direkt start, three phase deep well submersible pump, centrifugal pump, pipeline pump and etc with output power from 0.75kW to 18.5kW (1HP-25HP)

The product has many operation modes by adopting different electric installations. An important feature that makes the difference between the product and common On/Off pump control box is the probe/ sensor free in the well.

Main features:

- Build in function switch applied for water supply by liquid level control through float switch or liqid probe applied for water supply by pressure control through pressure switch and pressure tank applied for drainage by liquid level control through float switch or liqued probe.

- Automatic stops the pump in case of water shortage, protecting it from dry running without installing float switch or liquid probe in the well

- Auto/Manual switch

- Dynamic LCD displaying pump running state - Protect the pump against many faults

- Push button calibration - Pump accumulative running time displaying - Pump last five fault records displaying

- Starts and stop the pump in accordance with the different liquid level or pressure setting

140 лв.