5-digits code

Asynchronous   three-phase   vertical   explosion-proof electric motors of ВAСO7 type are designed for gearless drive of cooling air blower machines.
Operation mode is continuous S1 from AC, 50 Hz.
Execution on explosion protection: 1ExdIIBT4,
1ExdIICT4  -  ВАСО7-6,5-12;  ВАСО7-9-12;  ВАСО7-13-
12;  ВАСО7-13-12В;  ВАСО7-13-12С;  ВАСО   7-15-12; ВАСО7-15-12В; ВАСО7-15-12С; ВАСО7-22-14; ВАСО7-30-14;   ВАСО7-37-14;  ВАСО7-37-24;  ВАСО7-
55-24;   ВАСО7-30-32;   ВАСО7-75-32;    ВАСО7-75-24;
Climatic modification type: У1, ХЛ1, УХЛ1, Т1
The design on a way of installation (see the table)
Protection type: for the cases and terminal boxes - IP 54
Way of cooling: ICA 0141
Electric motors have the left direction of rotation.
The insulation of the stator winding belongs to a heat resistance class "F"