5-digits code

Asynchronous three-phase blown explosion-proof electric motors of ВАО7 type with a short-circuited rotor are designed to operate in the mines dangerous for gas and dust, and in explosive zones of premises and external installations.

Operating mode long S1 from a network, frequency is 50 Hz.

Executions on explosion protection: 1ExdIIBT4; PBExdI; PB4B

Climatic modification type: У2; У5; Т2; Т5

Design on a way of installation: IM 1001 Protection class for: the cases and terminal boxes – IP 54 the casing of the outside fan – IP 20

Way of cooling: ICA 0151 - ВАО7А-560-4,6,8; ВАО7А-560 LA, LB-2; ВАО7А-630; ВАО7М-630; ICA 0141 - ВАО7А-450; ВАО7А-560 S, M-2

Electric motors of ВАО7A, ВАО7М types with rotational speed 3000 rpm suppose the left, the other ones allow - the right and the left direction of rotation. Change of rotation direction is carried out only from a rest condition. The insulation of the stator winding belongs to a heat resistance class "F" Electric motors are delivered with the device of temperature control of УКТ-9 type, on the customer’s request with the device of УКТ -12.