5-digits code

Synchronous generators of СГСБ type with brushless excitation system are used at stationary power stations as the basic, reserve and emergency three-phase, 50
Hz electric power sources with the explosion  engine drive.
Generators  are  delivered  with  УВГС  or  УВГС-БД
exciting devices; generators  with voltage  0,4Kv  are additionally delivered with  low-voltage  device of УКН
type or the cabinet of generating switch of ШГВ type.
Operating mode continuous S1
Climatic modification type: УХЛ4, О4
Design on way of installation: СМ (synchronous machine) -IM 1101, IM 1305, IM 7115,
IM 7311; БВ (brushless exciter) - IM 1101, IM 1305, IM 7111, IM 7311
Protection type: СМ - IP21, IP23, IP11, IP44; БВ - IP21, IP23, IP11; УВГС, УКН -  IP21
Way of cooling: the generators - ICA01, ICW37A81
the devices УВГС and УКН - aerial natural
Generator supposes the left direction of rotation.
Isolation of windings of stator, rotor and exciter of heat resistance class “F”