5-digits code

Asynchronous three-phase explosion-proof electric motors of АИМ-М  types with a short- circuited rotor are designed to operate in explosive areas and external plants.

Network voltage is 220 - 660 V

frequency is 50 Hz.

Operating mode: continuous S1

Electric motors suppose operation in following modes S2, S3, S4 и S6.

Models according to explosion-proof protection: АИМ-М - 1ExdIIBT4, 1ExdeIIBT4, 1ExdеIIBT4/2ExdеIICT4, 1ЕхdIIBT5/2ExdIICT5 АИМ-Л - 1ExdIIBT4, 1ExdeIIBT4 Climatic construction: У1,5; У2,5; УХЛ1,5; УХЛ2,5; Т1,5; T2,5; ОМ2,5

Design on way of installation: АИМ-М 63, 71, 80 - IМ1281, M9881, IM4481, IM2081, IM3081, IМ1081  АИМ-М 90, 100, 112, 132, 160 - IМ1081, IM2081, IM3081 Protection class for: the case and terminal boxes – IР54

        the outside fan shroud – IP20

Cooling method: IСA 0141

Electric drives operate in any rotation directions.

Class of heat resistance of windings isolation: B – for dimensions 63-80 F – for dimensions 90-160